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Note to Parents:

  • New Quarterly Assessment information will be available soon

  • Take a look at the links on our website to the Virginia Department of Education's S.O.L. released test questions. You can download these tests as .pdf files and use them as practice S.O.L. exams with your children.

Test Taking Tips

Before the Test:

  1. Mark test dates on both of your calendars or agendas.

  2. Establish a routine and a quiet place at home for homework and studying.

  3. Schedule review time into your child's weekly schedule. Cramming is not an effective strategy.

  4. Make sure your child gets enough sleep on nights before the tests.

  5. Review any material your child has- old tests, homework, class notes, etc. Make sure he or she understands the materials (not just memorizes the materials).

  6. Help your child build a memory bank. Use a variety of mind images, mind "pictures", or mind maps (graphic organizers) to help remember facts when studying.

  7. Quiz your child on material studied.

  8. Help your child with relaxation techniques to use when preparing and when taking the test by taking a couple of deep breaths and then "visualizing" him or herself doing well on the test.

Day of the Test:

  1. Bring two sharpened #2 pencils with erasers.

  2. Arrive at school on time.

  3. Listen carefully when directions are given and read all directions. Be sure to ask questions if something is not clear.

  4. For multiple choice questions, read the question stem carefully and read all answer choices before selecting the "best"answer. On reading comprehension tests, it is recommended that students validate their answer choice by rereading.

  5. Mark answers clearly. To change an answer, be sure to erase the wrong answer completely before marking another answer.

  6. Don't spend too much time on any one problem. Answer obvious questions first, then go back and answer all other questions.

  7. Keep a positive attitude by taking deep but quiet breaths, stretching and refocusing.


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